Monday, October 4, 2010

Troubletimes2 and Making Moves!

A few weeks ago Ketty and myself heard about a online reality show called Making Moves. It's about 3 young entrepreneurs running multiple businesses without help of loans or investors. So, we checked it out, watched a few episodes and fell in love with the concept and premise of their show cause we felt we could totally relate to them. The cast started a contest in search of other entrepreneurs who were starting off to offer them a lending hand seeking nothing in return. Needless to say that troubletimes2 made it on the show and we are sooooo excited!!! Regardless, of the outcome we feel so blessed and happy to have met these guys and their team. They have offered us nothing but wonderful advice and for that we are eternally grateful.

We can't even believe that it hasn't been a year yet and already we see things little by little falling into place. Granted, at times we've experienced major frustration and upset but somehow we seem to keep pushing through and besides what's life without a little bit of drama right? I think that's what makes us so special. I truly believe that Ketty and I compliment each other in every way and the fact that we both are so ambitious and determined definitely helps us out tremendously. Cause without that hunger to succeed than everything we've been working so hard for would be pointless.

Sitting there and watching people of which we had never met before tell us how much they like our line made us realize that we do have something special and that we are on the right track. Only made us want to work that much harder. Since meeting with cast of Making Moves (Alex Hodora, Julian Jung and Vin Vomero), troubletimes2 is happy to announce that we had out first 2 offical orders placed last week. Laugh if you will but we plan on framing our first Dollar! To give us a constant reminder that nothing is impossible if we just we keep pushing forward and continue to believe in ourselves!. Troubletimes2 is "Making Moves!!"

If you haven't checked out the cast of Making Moves....what are you waiting for???

We leave you with the season 2 trailer. Enjoy: