Monday, November 22, 2010

Troubletimes2 Swim Suit Commercial!

Ok so, this past September we reported that we were having our first ever swim suit shoot with the ever so talented Robert Rios and that we had a surprise that we would later reveal. Well, we can finally share the surprise with all of you!!! Along with the photo shoot, Robert filmed our first ever commercial helping promote our swim wear line. He clearly had a vision that he was out to get and we simply were left in complete shock and amazement at how talented he is. Now, although he was a huge factor in all of this we would like to thank our models once again. Yuen, Ashley and Caitlin Thank you for showing up on time and giving it your all. And of course a BIG thank you to our make up artist Christina Menchero. Without all of your help, talent, and creativity from all of you our swim wear line couldn't of come alive the way that it did. And for that we are so grateful. You would think that after us watching it over a hundred times that we would be sick of it but we aren't. We just love it!! So, here is the premiere of our troubletimes2 swim wear line shoot! Hope you all enjoy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Behind the scenes Photoshoot with Michael Falco!

We really don't know where to begin. Reason being we feel extremely blessed by continuously getting to meet new and very talented individuals. This past Sunday, we had the opportunity of working for the very first time with the very talented Michael Falco. We also got to meet his beautiful wife Kimberly Falco. She was such a sweetheart! Both of them together make one dynamic duo and one hilarious couple.

This time around, we took a little break from the bathing suits and shot some of our dresses. After all, thats where it all originated from. Models this time around were Yuen, Naty, Estefania and Joy. All veterans from previous shoots with the exception of Joy who was shooting with us for the first time. However, you wouldn't know cause she's a natural.

Makeup this time was done by Kellie Watts. Literally, she has got to be one of the nicest people we have ever encountered and we can say enough nice things about her.

We had a blast during this shoot and only hope to perhaps work with this team in the future.

To Michael and Kim, thank you so much for allowing us to input ideas and thanks soooo much for being so down to earth and well....just fun!!

To our models....what can we say....we simply adore all you guys!

And to Kellie: you kick butt and know how to rock that makeup!!

And now we leave you with some behind the scenes of the shoot, getting ready, etc, etc..





Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hooten Photography Shoot

Oh My!!!! It has it been a loooooong time since last we've updated our blog. You know, it's funny ... a year ago today Trouble Times 2 didn't even exist!! And yet, in less than a year here we are!!! We feel we have accomplished so much and now that we have the ball rolling we don't plan on stopping any time soon. A few months ago we shared with you some behind the scene shots from a shoot we did with Hooten Photography. Well, as promised ... we are proud to share with you some of the end product. We can't explain how much fun we had with this shoot. Melba and Scott are great people to work with. Very detail oriented, creative and super nice! We couldn't ask for more. We, once again, had Make Up artist Christina Menchero doing makeup. You can clearly see the MAKE UP looked AWESOME and the girls rocked it in the pictures! And then of course we have our models: Carmen, Naty and Ariel. All the girls were troopers and when I say that I mean it!!! Living in South Florida and having a shoot all day outside is very exhausting. I think we all deserve a pat on our backs for this shoot, from photographers, to makeup, to models, and of course yours truly the designers. We had an absolute BLAST and I really think we all rocked that shoot one way or another!

PS. More pictures soon to come! :)

P.S.S. We have A LOT to update in regards to projects we've been up to .... so make sure to visit back soon!!!!