Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello World!

Let us begin by introducing ourselves. Our names are Jeannine & Kettysley. We are a couple of shortys! I'm 5'0 tall and also known as baby beast! In time you will understand why. Kettysley, aka "Special K" is only 4'11. Hey! Did you know that if your under 5'0 your considered a legal midget and therefore considered handicapped??? I didn't know that! I just barely made it!! Phew! Thank God for that!! Although sadly I can't say the same for Ketty though. Yet, I must admit I think she should go for it! It might save us time walking when we go shopping. But I digress. This blog will be used to constantly keep everyone informed about our sewing/fashion adventures.

We currently have 2 fashion shows coming up in April.

April 16th (teamed up with the Paul Mitchell school with a circus theme)
April 17th (a tutu based theme where proceeds will be going to kids in distress)

Mind you we are suppose to have a total of 12 tutus for the April 17th show but have we finished them yet?? We are not even halfway done. We have 5 completely made. Yet are we concerned? No! For some reason we just seem to work better under pressure! I guess we like the abuse.

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