Monday, September 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Hooten Photography!!!

On September 4th Trouble Times 2 LLC had the honor of working with Hooten Photography! We can't even begin to explain how much fun we had with them. They are the cutest married couple ever!! Melba and Scott really compliment each other in every single way possible. It was another bright and early shoot! We had models at my house bright and early along with our dear friend and Makeup Artist Christina Menchero (very talented)! Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances our hair stylists canceled 2 days before. However, no worries cause it was Ketty and myself to the rescue!!! We practiced on each other the day before watching tutorials and even helped style some of the girls hair the day of! And in all honesty, I think we did a hell of a job!! As you can see in some of the behind the scene pictures, we went for a different feel this time around. We made and designed a brand new collection of bathing suits. For this shoot we wanted to give it a vinatge feel to it (pin up like) yet modern, all at the same time. And of course, we think that we managed to accomplish it quite nicely if I do say so myself!! :p

The one thing I can say about the girls we work with again and again is the fact that they are so good to us. They show up on time and never complain about the heat or what's being asked of them to do. They just do it 100%. Mind you it was extremely hot that day and not once did one of them come up to us to complain. Melba and Scott, I don't know how they did it but man, they were non stop, so incredibly creative in every possible way. Ketty and I feel so blessed and honored to keep meeting such wonderful and talented people.

I believe models started arriving at my house at 7am and we didn't finish shooting till about 6pm. So talk about commitment! If these behind the scene pictures look amazing, I can only imagine the end product.

We had 4 wonderful models featured in this photoshoot. 2 of which have worked previously with us which are Naty Gonzalez. We had 2 newbies who were Ariel Lynn Brown and Carmen Molina. However, I promise you that judging by the way they posed and looked no one would ever know! You all were amazing! Look forward to working with you all again!

For now we leave you with some behind the scene images...enjoy!!

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