Monday, November 15, 2010

Behind the scenes Photoshoot with Michael Falco!

We really don't know where to begin. Reason being we feel extremely blessed by continuously getting to meet new and very talented individuals. This past Sunday, we had the opportunity of working for the very first time with the very talented Michael Falco. We also got to meet his beautiful wife Kimberly Falco. She was such a sweetheart! Both of them together make one dynamic duo and one hilarious couple.

This time around, we took a little break from the bathing suits and shot some of our dresses. After all, thats where it all originated from. Models this time around were Yuen, Naty, Estefania and Joy. All veterans from previous shoots with the exception of Joy who was shooting with us for the first time. However, you wouldn't know cause she's a natural.

Makeup this time was done by Kellie Watts. Literally, she has got to be one of the nicest people we have ever encountered and we can say enough nice things about her.

We had a blast during this shoot and only hope to perhaps work with this team in the future.

To Michael and Kim, thank you so much for allowing us to input ideas and thanks soooo much for being so down to earth and well....just fun!!

To our models....what can we say....we simply adore all you guys!

And to Kellie: you kick butt and know how to rock that makeup!!

And now we leave you with some behind the scenes of the shoot, getting ready, etc, etc..





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