Monday, November 22, 2010

Troubletimes2 Swim Suit Commercial!

Ok so, this past September we reported that we were having our first ever swim suit shoot with the ever so talented Robert Rios and that we had a surprise that we would later reveal. Well, we can finally share the surprise with all of you!!! Along with the photo shoot, Robert filmed our first ever commercial helping promote our swim wear line. He clearly had a vision that he was out to get and we simply were left in complete shock and amazement at how talented he is. Now, although he was a huge factor in all of this we would like to thank our models once again. Yuen, Ashley and Caitlin Thank you for showing up on time and giving it your all. And of course a BIG thank you to our make up artist Christina Menchero. Without all of your help, talent, and creativity from all of you our swim wear line couldn't of come alive the way that it did. And for that we are so grateful. You would think that after us watching it over a hundred times that we would be sick of it but we aren't. We just love it!! So, here is the premiere of our troubletimes2 swim wear line shoot! Hope you all enjoy.

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