Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lots on the way!!!

Hey There Trouble Makers!!!

Lets start of by saying how sorry we are for not posting as often as we should. However, we currently have lots of projects on the way. Our latest project will be with the Academy of Glam. Recently we were contacted by them. They asked to collaborate with them by lending them some of our designs and of course we said Yes!! :) The photoshoot will take place this wednesday night and we are super excited to see how it all turns out. Although, we aren't really worried cause we know they are extremely talented.

Not to mention that we have a project for July 2nd and July 16th none of which we can disclose any information for so you will have to stay tuned. We promise you it will be A-Ma-Zing!!!

We will then follow that by a HUGE Fashion Show on August 5th. We were invited back by doral this year and it will be bigger and better show than last year. Once again, yours truly will be the only designers featured. So either we go big or go home!! So feel free to check up frequently to see what we are up to.

***Please note- our website is currently undergoing construction. We are making improvements. Since last we posted our contact email has changed. You can now email us any questions at any of the following emails:

Have a great week Troublemakers!! :)

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